Rogêt - Music Project

Goth Rock/Alt Rock infused with modern arrangements. Lyrics grip at a yearning for connection. Influenced by Alice in Chains, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, and The Cure.


About Teressa Juliet

I'm a songwriter who sings, if only to get what's on my heart out there into the world. I paint words of wisdom, hurt, and longing against a two-part canvas, either the sultry R&B I'm known for or the more emotive rock grounded in a desire to heal.

Collaborate and co-write? I'm open to working with artists and musicians from all genres and anywhere in the world. I've written songs with musicians from Fort Collins, Colorado to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dark Adelie

​Duet formed with singer-songwriter, Kacey. Dark Adelie incorporates R&B, electronic, and pop sounds. Currently seeking a keyboardist.

Teressa Juliet - Music Project

Sultry, lulling vocals atop Trip Hop and R&B riffs. I focus on drowsy downbeat vibes similar to Portishead, Dido, Thievery Corporation, Oh Wonder, and Aquilo.


Storyline Church

Sunday MM/DD/2016

10 am

Smedley Elementary School

4250 Shoshone St.

Denver, CO 80211

Durango Songwriters Expo

Sept. 29th-October 2

Open Mic: Teressa Juliet/Dark Adelie performs Monday nights, 9pm at Ziggies or Local 46. Check  my Twitter @TeressaJuliet for details.