Dark Adelie

​Duet formed with singer-songwriter, Kacey. Dark Adelie incorporates R&B, electronic, and pop sounds. Currently seeking a keyboardist.

Rogêt - Music Project

Goth Rock/Alt Rock infused with modern arrangements. Lyrics grip at a yearning for connection. Influenced by Alice in Chains, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, and The Cure.


About Teressa Juliet

I paint words of wisdom, hurt, love, and longing against a two-part canvas, either the sultry R&B I'm known for or the more emotive rock grounded in a desire to heal.


Want to write something bluesy, folksy, or with a bit more edge? Controversial, even?  I'm open to working with artists and musicians from all genres and anywhere in the world. I've written songs with award-winning musicians from Fort Collins, Colorado to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Email Info@TeressaJuliet.com 

Teressa Juliet Music

Sultry, lulling vocals atop Trip Hop and R&B riffs. I focus on drowsy downbeat vibes similar to Portishead, Dido, Thievery Corporation, Oh Wonder, and Aquilo.


​​Storyline Church

Sunday MM/DD/2016   7:00 pm

Meets at the Cherry Bean

4059 Tejon St.

Denver, CO 80211

Open Mic: Check  my Twitter @TeressaJuliet for details.

Musicians Making A Difference
Join me for the third year in a row in supporting singer-songwriter and long-time friend, Anne-Margaret Redding's benefit concert, Musicians Making A Difference.

January 5, 2017  ~ 6pm
The Living Room
1055 Broadway
Denver, Co 80203